Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cheesecakes galore

I am working on a cake collection to go on a shop counter. So far I have only made cheesecakes, lots of cheesecakes. I will only use one of each sort to go on the shop counter so I will have quite a few to go in my Etsy shop.
I always like to work with from real life rather than pictures wherever possible so I have had to eat a few cheesecakes, such hardship. lol.

My first attempts at the raspberry ripple cheesecake were hideous, but several attempts later and I worked out a technique that looked very realistic. I intend to write a tutorial for this and will be posting it here on my blog. The blackcurrant cheesecake took forever as I made loads of miniature blackcurrants and then set them into the sauce on top, I did try using mustard seeds first of all but they were just a bit too small and grey so I scrapped that idea. Next to be made is the strawberry cheesecake and then onto the Battenburg.

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