Thursday, 2 May 2013

Gnome in the nude!

My Gnome in the nude isn't technically a gnome he is really more of a Goblin but Gnome in the nude rolled off the tongue much better than Goblin in the nude. He is a cheeky little chappie, sticking his tongue out and lazing about without a care in the world. He isn't going to remain in the nude, he is just enjoying a few rays of sun on his skinny little legs while I decide what colour to paint his tights. I also have his eyes to paint as I cannot have starring vacantly forever.
He is intended as in incense stick holder but could just be a decorative little figure or add to a faerie collection.
He is one of my shell fae figures and is laying upon half an oyster shell.  I collected a great many of these on a trip to St Osyth and intend to put shell fae and sea creatures on and in them, watch this space!

 I also took a lot of photos whilst I was there and have been playing with them in Photoshop, let me know what you think, I value others opinions and advice.
This shell also came home with me and

The original with altered below


  1. Really beautiful pictures of the beach. I am born at the seaside, so......thank you ;)!
    About the gnome: quickly, cover him under a petal ;)! He is wonderful, a real nudist in the sun :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Thanks Ilona, glad you liked the photos, gnome is now getting his tights on, so more suntanned legs for him.