Friday, 18 October 2013

Halloween homes blog party

The Wicked Faerie Queen is planning a blog party all about peoples Halloween homes, think mine will have to be a miniature home as I have one already underway that just needs a bit of finishing off. It would be great to see pictures of homes all bedecked for Halloween in their spooky finery. We don't do much of that here in Britain so I think I must be living in the wrong country, the Brits are far too conservative. My neighbours would declare me totally insane (rather than just suspected insane) if I created a graveyard in my front garden. 
It would be terrific to see all the halloween dolls houses that so many people create.

Please all join in as the number of participants is looking a bit sparse at the moment.
Here are a few pics I found just to wet the appetite

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  1. Ooh I like the sound of this party. Life keeps interrupting play at the moment but I'll have to see if I can play along. Mine might have to be in miniature as well. I totally agree with you about Halloween not being done so well in Britain which is a shame as it's our festival, I go green with envy when I see what some of the American shops sell at this time of year.
    J x