Saturday, 2 November 2013

Arrival of the Halloween black cat

Strange thing happened on Halloween evening, I was decorating the front porch ready for the Trick n treaters and had the front door wide open when a jet black cat ran straight past me, into the house, and made himself at home in my living room.
I thought at first he was a young cat but when I stroked him it was obvious he was a very skeletal old cat.
He wasn't a cat that I had seen around the area before so I kept him in the house and fed him until I was able to get his chip read. Today he was reunited  with his tearful owner and returned to his own home. I miss him even though he was only with me for two days. He was a very cuddly and affection old puss.
I am quite sure that a black cat walking into my home on Halloween must be the ultimate in good luck omens and it does seem that things have gone right since he arrived. But everyone I told about it said they would have been freaked out and scared, Why?  Anyone got any thoughts on the subject?

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  1. Hi Anthea, Just thought I would drop by and see what you have been up to. Great 'tail' about the black cat!
    I love cats and would have been quite moved if he chose me to help him.
    Not freaked in any way!
    Hope you had a happy Xmas. And will have a creative, healthy and safe 2014.
    Thank you for following me.
    Regards Janine