Monday, 21 October 2013

So Good So Dark So exciting.... and giveaway hare photos

Before I write my final entry to Magalys So Good So Dark blog party I must post the photos of my Moon gazing Hare giveaway.

In Britain we have Guy Fawkes night or Bonfire night on November 5th,. We have bonfire parties and lots of fireworks with special party food. Its changed a lot over the years, when I was young we used to make Guys, a figure made of old clothes stuffed with leaves and a Guy Fawkes mask for a face, we would then drag him around in a go cart from house to house asking for a Penny for the Guy. Bonfire parties were smaller and held in gardens for family and friends, we used to involve the whole street and everyone would bring food and fireworks to light up the dark. It was a great community event bringing us all together.

Remember remember the 5th of November
with gunpowder treason and plot

For I see no reason 
Why gunpower treason
Should ever be forgot.
                            Traditional Guy Fawkes Rhyme

The bonfire is ready
the masked guy set atop
a match to the base
 and it burns without stop
 With sparks all aglowing
The sky  is alight
glowing bright trails
Its a fantastic sight
Banging and whistling  
then oowing and ahhing
pinks and reds
greens and blues 
all colours all shades 
brilliant bright hues
The Catherine wheel turns
its sparks flying far
around and around 
a spinning bright star
 the sparklers are lit and placed in gloved hands
to make glowing patterns
that linger in the air
Now for the food
Sticky parkin and toffee apples
Jacket spuds and mulled wine
Hot dogs with onions 
it all tastes just fine


  1. Great post, Bonfire never entered my head when thinking about Magaly's party but off course if we didn't have darkness we'd lose the pretty wonder of fireworks lighting up the night sky, wrapping up warm around a bonfire while eating hotdogs and jacket spuds. Those memories from childhood.

  2. I quite agree it was very exciting then but now it all seems a bit too commercialized.

  3. What an incredible sculpture !!
    Love the guy Fawkes tradition .. My husband is from Kent and we hear about the bonfires and festivals quite a bit:)
    Have a magical weekend:)