Thursday, 5 March 2015

Miniature in a bottle pendants and 20% discount code

I have been working on some very tiny animals to go in bottles as pendants. I have a very long list of the ones I want to make and so far have completed 16. I am making them in themed sets:
British wildlife, Polar animals (This was going to be animals of the arctic until I realized penguins do not live in the Arctic but the Antarctic.), TV characters and my latest idea, Spring flowers.
 For British wildlife I have made a moon gazing hare, a fox, a badger, a hedgehog, a Scotish wildcat and a set of three bats.
For the Polar animals I have made a penguin, a baby penguin, a puffin, a polar bear, a leaping dolphin and an arctic fox.
For TV characters there is a Tardis, Bagpus and a Clanger.
The spring flowers only has Snowdrops so far but Daffodils and crocuses are in the making.
They all come with a choice of genuine leather or faux leather thong that can be tied to the desired length.

To celebrate the arrival of SPRING I am offering all readers of my Blog 20% off any pendant in my Wildwomancrafts ETSY store. Just enter the code BLOGCUSTOM and the discount will automatically be deducted you may also use it for any other purchase in my shop so long as it is over $10 or £6.60. The code will also work in my Yewtree64 miniatures shop so long as the purchase is above $10.

Why not treat your Mum to a pendant for Mothers day?

If you have a favourite animal I do take custom orders.  Just let me know.


  1. We enjoy viewing your wonderful creations...
    And the "Halloween Treats" (at the top of your blog) are great....
    A great evening to you and yous , dear Lady....