Sunday, 6 October 2013

Halloween treats and turning trash to treasure

I was given a bag full of old jewellery the other day, just in case I can use any of the bits. I certainly can! I dived into it and it took me straight back to my childhood and rooting through Mums or Grans jewellery collections marveling over the precious sparkling treasure. I have many ideas for how to use the beads, many will become potion bottles or lamps. A couple of broaches have now become spooky Halloween broaches and I have re made a ring to be a scary Ghoulish face. Here are a few photos of work in progress.

I have also made a Halloween party table top in 12th scale covered in delicious spooky food ready for the dolls to  have a feast, this will be in my Etsy shop later this evening. As you can see in the photos I also have a witch and a skeleton being worked on, they will hopefully be finished during the week.


  1. Love all the creepy grin, and the skull is perfect!

  2. Thanks Magaly, I am working on something nice and not creepy for your blog party.